Why are we doing this?
Because we don’t think it’s acceptable for a person to take advantage of, to abuse, and to cheat another person.

While we don’t actually DO anything to the quitter/cheater, we do provide a list of names of proven cheaters in order to protect the honest Neopian.

What if their computer glitched and kicked them out during the game?
While we cannot ignore the fact that some people just have slow computers and connections and that this may happen at times, we also cannot ignore the fact that the majority of the time this happens at the exact same time – when the winner is about to go home and claim his/her victory. Some of you may be eternal optimists and constantly give them the benefit of the doubt, but we call you naive. There is no way hundreds of people reporting the exact same thing could all be lying. To chalk it up to computer glitches every time, like so many like to do, is to throw common sense out the window!

Why don’t you leave this to TNT?

Because they won’t do anything about it. They may have a report feature but they claim quitters and cheaters cannot be proven, and so they opt to protect the perpetrator and your pleas fall on deaf ears.

What if the quitter/cheater’s name is on the list and they apologize?

If a person is on the list and want to be taken off, they must stop their abuse of others, apologize publicly, and never do it again. Only then will I remove them from the list and the accompanying post. But if they do it, and if sufficient proof is given, then they will remain on the list indefinitely.

What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?

I want people to enjoy their KQ experience devoid of cheaters and quitters. By providing a list of whom to avoid, this can save them lots of time and energy. Let the cheaters play amongst themselves!

This really comes down to a moral issue. I don’t know about you but we were raised to know the difference between right and wrong. To NOT take advantage of anyone for any reason especially if it’s for personal gain.

Can I report cheaters who skip their turned when lint balled?

We don’t have a separate list just for cheaters because that would be exhausting! But if they quit and have an AFK (away from keyboard) in the chatbox, then that’s fine. If you have any suggestions, email me at keyquestadminspeak@37.com.