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pillowbug – Key Quest Quitter!

This girl is especially nasty because she quit when the submitter was on their way to win. I’m talking actually in transit – moving – and was one square away from winning and then the game ended. Congratulations pillowbug aka … Continue reading

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Welcome to Key Quest QuitEES Speak! This site is primarily about exposing “quitters” using screen shots and the chat box. You decide whether or not they quit and whether you would like to play them. For your convenience, see The … Continue reading

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How to Check Your Key Quest Ranking

This is really simple because actually, someone else has to do it for you. But first, you need to do a few things. 1) You have to go to the Neoboards in the Key Quest thread and ask someone to … Continue reading

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Key Quest Ranking Myths

There are some myths about the ranking system circulating the NB’s and I’m posting this to address them. I don’t know if they actually believe their own nonsense or if they’re looking for ways to dodge responsibility for their poor … Continue reading

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