Rules for Submitting Proof

1) All proof must be in the form of screenies. We cannot accept he-said, she-said comments because this could easily be abused.

2) A screenie must be taken at the beginning of the game, and at the end of the with the error message showing. This is vitally important: Make sure you capture the time stamp from your computer so we can ensure that this is the same game. Your submission will not be posted unless we see the time stamp, and the before and after screenie. You can submit screenies throughout the game if you wish so we can see the progress. Also, try to get the shot when their screen name is shown in the box i.e. when it’s their turn.

3) Send all screenies to: Make sure your personal information is blocked out or blurred. (your neopian name/ID next to your token and anything on your desktop that could identify you) If you cannot do this or don’t know how, just send me the screenies as is and I will remove any personal information. This is for your protection.

4) If you happen to play the same person and they do this to you again, take screenies again and submit them. They will get a number next to their name identifying the number of times they quit on you.

5) If you have a neomail from them and they admit they quit for whatever reason, you could screenie that too and submit it. Remember to be polite when you ask them if they quit. Don’t give them a reason to report you.

6) If possible, to better view your pic of the game (not the neomail), try to take it while playing in low-resolution mode. The screen is much larger and you might like playing on a larger screen better. You must be logged into Neopets first, then copy and paste this address or click the link.

Taking screenies:

For Windows: I believe it’s the printscreen key.

For Mac users: Control key, Command (key to the right of “option” key, and the number 3.

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