beautyfulldancer – Key Quest Quitter!

This is what the submitter sent below:

This user quit a KeyQuest game. They had won a Super Key Grabber power-up on their first turn, which they kept. Later in the game, on their turn, they landed on a mini game. I won that game, and as a reward I got to choose a power-up. I chose the Rainbow Sticky Hand, which I then used on my turn to take their Super Key Grabber. The game IMMEDIATELY “ended abnormally…beautyfulldancer has left the game.”

The submitter then responded via NM: “Really?”

And beautyfulldancer responded: “WHAT? I MEANT IT, I DO BUT IM NOT REALLY HAPPY WITH YOU!”

This looks like admission to me in that they felt justified in quitting because their opponent took their SKG. She was reported.

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