An Example of a REAL Glitch!

Look at this picture carefully. Do you notice anything different about it? (click on image to make it larger) Look at the chat box. What’s missing? You got it! So-and-so has “ended the game.” Or So-and-so “game cancelled.” And the reason why this is missing is because this is a legitimate glitch with no quit message documented because it simply did not happen.

When a game legitimately ends, the chat box is either completely empty – erasing all previously documented messages or it stops documenting completely when said glitch happens. And this is what happened here. I’ll bet you’re thinking ‘I’ve never seen that before’ or ‘I rarely see that’ and that’s because when the game ends, it rarely is the result of a real glitch. 99% of the time it is due to the opponent quitting for whatever reason. The quitters will have you believe that when something happens to their computer and they “glitch out”, that the “ended the game” message is spewed out randomly by the chat box. But if that’s so, then why is it always the same message? If it were a random spew, then why not a random message? The fact is, the computer or the game does not have a mind of it’s own. It only does what you tell it to. Or in the chat box’s case, it only documents actions taken. So when a person rolls a 4, it says they roll a 4. When they land on a game, it documents the same. And when a person leaves the game, it says so-and-so “ended the game.”

Other examples of real glitches include: when the game tokens move REALLY fast. Or the tokens move off of the playing board into the nether-regions.

So when it says “ended abnormally” followed by the chat box stating so-and-so “left the game”, don’t be fooled. They either had a real life emergency (which I doubt due to the shear volume of this happening), or they flat-out quit but either way, when it says the above, we know it was no accident.

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One Response to An Example of a REAL Glitch!

  1. Lyn says:

    AGGGGG!!!! I hate that, the user named sarecca, is a totally bad loser. He always quit, and what did the Neopets staff??? NOTHING!!!!

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