How to Overcome the Dreaded SKG

If your opponent gets the Super Key Grabber, all is not lost and there’s certainly no reason to quit like many do here. Sure it’s one of the most, of not THE most powerful power-up there is. But with a little patience and a little strategy, you can avoid being the victim of this nasty little PU and maybe even win. Hopefully the following will be of some help…

1) Avoid getting the keys they need.
This PU is designed to make their life easier by grabbing your keys but if you don’t have them, then they have to chase them down themselves. This cannot always be avoided but if you can, avoid it.

2) Remember, time is your best friend.
While you’re avoiding getting the keys they need, play mini-games, get on your alignment, and land on PU squares in the hopes of getting a Rainbow Sticky Hand or a Tornado Ring.

And you want to land on your alignment in the hopes of getting a SKG yourself.

3) Double up on the keys you already have.
While you’re waiting to mess up your opponent, double up on your keys. If after winning a mini-game or landing on the Treasure square, you might be tempted to get the key you need but don’t do it! That’s exactly what the enemy wants! Some people will take both of your keys of the same color so really, to be safe, I would get three keys of each. Like I said, you need patience.

4) If they only take one key, beware!
If they only take one key of yours, their powerup seems to disappear but don’t be fooled. Their last grabber will show up on their next turn so if you get a key they need after they took one of your keys, they can take your new key on their next turn. So keep doing as before until they use both grabbers.

5) Get some leverage.
While you’re going around collecting powerups, be sure to get at least two key-changing powerups such as the Rainbow Fountain Water and Distraction Potion.

You could get two of the same or one of each but I would recommend two Rainbow Fountain Waters because, hopefully, you’ll have enough extra keys to change your own keys. So if you DO get two of these PU’s, then proceed to get the keys you need as usual and when your opponent takes two keys of yours that they need, you can change two of your own keys to the colors you need.

6) A word of caution.
There is a downside to all of this waiting around and that is that they can play the game as usual and get all of their keys anyway. If you see this happening, then use other powerups to buy more time such as Misdirected Compass, Super Pile of Dung, or Super Catapult.

So those are my strategies. Remember, the idea is to stall them until you are able to fight back. Don’t make it easy for them by getting keys that they need because if you do that, they own you because now you’re working for them! Even if you have to go in circles in order to avoid getting a key they need, do it. Eventually you’ll get something that you can use against them.

If you have any other strategies and you want to submit them, please email me at and I’ll update this post and give you credit.

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