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pillowbug – Key Quest Quitter!

This girl is especially nasty because she quit when the submitter was on their way to win. I’m talking actually in transit – moving – and was one square away from winning and then the game ended. Congratulations pillowbug aka … Continue reading

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An Example of a REAL Glitch!

Look at this picture carefully. Do you notice anything different about it? (click on image to make it larger) Look at the chat box. What’s missing? You got it! So-and-so has “ended the game.” Or So-and-so “game cancelled.” And the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Key Quest QuitEES Speak! This site is primarily about exposing “quitters” using screen shots and the chat box. You decide whether or not they quit and whether you would like to play them. For your convenience, see The … Continue reading

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How to Overcome the Dreaded SKG

If your opponent gets the Super Key Grabber, all is not lost and there’s certainly no reason to quit like many do here. Sure it’s one of the most, of not THE most powerful power-up there is. But with a … Continue reading

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