How to Check Your Key Quest Ranking

This is really simple because actually, someone else has to do it for you. But first, you need to do a few things.

1) You have to go to the Neoboards in the Key Quest thread and ask someone to check your rank for you. See below pictures.

You simply start a thread asking if someone will check your rank. Give it a few minutes for someone to answer and agree to check it.

2) Then you go to the lobby and go into one of the game categories, like “5-Key Games,” and wait a few minutes.

Your name will appear in the smaller, upper right hand box for someone to check. Then go back to the thread to see if you got an answer and that’s it. Simple!

The rankings themselves mean the percentage of games completed. I put my cursor over the green smiley and as you can see, it gives the rank of “Top Notch” if you complete 90 – 100% of your games which is where you want to be. So if you quit or have computer trouble and keep getting booted out of a game that has begun (where you are actually on the playing board) then it will count against you and too many of these will lower your rank.

One last thing…don’t be fooled by all the myths surrounding this ranking system. People have a lot of strange and wild ideas as to how the system works but I believe they are doing this to hide the fact that they themselves have a poor ranking. Some will even try to discredit the ranking system altogether but don’t be fooled. Everything the player does is documented in the Chat Box which is tied in directly into the ranking system. So if they skip a turn, it says “AFK” (absent from keyboard) and if they left the game, it says they “left” the game. If they cancel the game, it says they “cancelled the game.” Sure makes sense to me. Read about these myths here: Key Quest Ranking Myths

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