ladyjain – Key Quest Quitter

The submitter said they had no idea why ladyjain would quit. But the fact remains that they did. Oh well. Thank you submitter.

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2 Responses to ladyjain – Key Quest Quitter

  1. Wendy says:

    I totally understand that it’s really frustrating, and I know people actually cheat. BUT, especially in cases like this, I don’t think there’s any proof that this user is a cheater/quitter. It’s way too early in the game for her to be cheating – she might have actually had a computer error or a IRL issue.

    When people do it right before the door or when you get a super key grabber, sure. But this early on? It’s a little harsh to call it cheating.

  2. I see what you’re saying…there’s no proof that they quit or cheat but there IS proof that they left. As for the reason, I don’t know and wasn’t there. As always, we’re not telling people not to play these people. We simply put up the screen shots and people can decide for themselves if they want to play that person or not. We cannot force anyone to do anything. If it were me, personally, I would not submit these shots because I wasn’t cheated out of anything except my time. But apparently the submitter felt differently about this and since they have a shot of the chat box, then I have to honor their request and put it up.

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