sendyha – Key Quest Quitter

Same as usual. You all could probably write this yourself. Sendyha quit while submitter had the upper hand and was on their way to win. Then she gave the same excuse i.e. “computer froze.” The submitter didn’t get into any detail but they did say that there was a series of NM’s back and forth and that sendyha was especially nasty. It’s bad enough that there’s cheaters, liars, and thieves in the world…we certainly don’t need to experience this in a game. And for those of you who have no moral compass, let me break it down for you.

Cheaters = Those who skip their turn and/or quit a game.
Liars = Those who lie about their cheating and give lame excuses.
Thieves = Those who prevent the would-be winner from receiving their prize – essentially stealing from them.

Shame on you quitters for all of the above because you are truly losers in every sense of the word! Thank you submitter for sending this in and I truly empathize with you. And you, sendyha, congratulations because you are now exposed to the entire world as being a cheater, liar, and thief!

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