wolfenstorm – Key Quest Quitter

Thank you, submitter, for providing the additional screen shot depicting the progression of the game. It helps to paint a fuller picture. Submitter indicated that they tried to NM wolfenstorm but could not due to NM settings. We see this or they’re under the age of 13. How convenient.

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13 Responses to wolfenstorm – Key Quest Quitter

  1. j9726gp says:

    You could not neomail them because they are permanently silenced for sending me the email. They think I reported them, but I didn`t.

  2. wolfenstorm says:

    I would appreciate it if you would remove this. I am not a quitter. Just because my computer happened to misbehave when I was playing you does not mean that I intentionally quit on you. I do not quit in Key Quest.

  3. j9726gp did not report you, wolfenstorm, or send the screen shots. And wolfenstorm, you did not quit on me because you never played me. These were submitted by another person.

    When the game “ends abnormally” on Neopets, TNT gives the benefit of the doubt to the one who left in spite of the overwhelming times this occurs and the same story is given. But here at KQQS, we err on the side of the quitEE especially because they have proof via the chat box and timestamps. The truth is wolfenstorm, we have no reason to believe you because the documentation of the game is against you. My suggestion to you is to either fix your computer or don’t play because you never know who’s taking screen shots! Good day!

  4. wolfenstorm says:

    You can err on the side of the one who claimed that I quit on him or her, but I can tell you right now that I can make this go away. This is a defamation of name, without any proof that I quit the game. It is veritable liable. Therefore, if you want to keep your site up and going, I suggest you remove my username from this site.

    • HAHAHAHA!!!!! You’d get laughed right out of the lawyer’s office!! For one, I didn’t use your name because I don’t know your name. A screen name is NOT a name. Second, I do have proof because it’s documented in the chat box. Now, instead of making idle threats because you’re mad that you got busted, in the future, STOP QUITTING!!! It’s that simple. The only way I’ll remove your name is if you ADMIT to quitting and apologize. But it won’t be deleted, just invisible to the public so if you quit again, then it’s going up indefinitely. Have a nice day! 🙂

  5. wolfenstorm says:

    If that’s the way you want it. I warned you.

  6. Meowing says:

    HAHAHAHAA it’s the middle of April and this is still up .. obviously Wolfenwhatever has lost his magic touch 😛

  7. I think he got frozen on Neopets because his name doesn’t come up in the search.

  8. Natalie says:

    …It’s kind of weird that you take quitting in key quest that seriously but wolfenstorm definitely deserved this.

  9. Natalie, I know it’s just a game but it’s the principle. Someone is taking something that belongs to another person. It’s no different than stealing. Say you were walking down the street and suddenly someone takes your purse, would you not get angry and report it? Sure this is a “lesser” offense in that it is a game but it’s the same principle – it’s stealing. Plus it shows that the quitter has no regard for other people and their time and will use you ONLY for personal gain. (a win) Do you really want to play someone who will only play you if they’re going to win? Most people would not. And so this is why I post the names. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  10. rebecca says:

    So, just curious, did anyone bother to check what kind of smiley wolfenstorm has? I think I played him/her a few times before, don’t remember if the game ended abnormally but it might’ve. The point is, I seriously question this site if you’re just going by a screencap of ONE game.

    As for getting frozen, those do come up in searches. It says the account has been disabled, which means wolfenstorm disabled their account.

  11. How many times does the chat box have to say “game cancelled” and so-and-so “left the game” for it to be true? Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion as are we. And we think the chat box means what is says – that they cancelled and left the game which in our opinion means they quit. We are not telling anyone NOT to play these people or make their minds up for them. We’re simply providing the proof needed in order for them to make a decision on whether to play them or not. So the people can either take note as to whom is on the list or they can play these people at their own risk.

  12. I’m closing comments in this thread because I’m getting stupid emails from people who don’t know how to put together a coherent thought. I will say this though, all the hate mail I get makes it all worthwhile when I get emails from people whom we have helped and are grateful that a site like this exists. We suspect that the only people that have problems with this site are most likely quitters themselves. And when I get nasty emails from you quitters, it just gives me more fuel. 🙂

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