Key Quest Ranking Myths

There are some myths about the ranking system circulating the NB’s and I’m posting this to address them. I don’t know if they actually believe their own nonsense or if they’re looking for ways to dodge responsibility for their poor rating. I personally think it’s the latter! (By the way, for those wondering how to check your own ranking, you can’t. Someone else has to check for you. You can go to the Neoboards under Key Quest and start a thread asking if someone will check your rank. You then go into Key Quest and click one of the games category (like 5 Key Games) and wait a few minutes. Then come back to the boards and you should have your answer. Make sure someone agrees to check it for you before you go to the room. You should have no problem with this because this is common practice.)

Other People Quitting Affects My Rating

Some people have this strange notion that if your opponent quits, that your rating is affected. If that were true, then it would cease to be YOUR rating and would be THEIRS. The Ranking shows the percentage of games that YOU, THE USER, completes. This has nothing to do with anyone else. If you have a low rank, you are to blame, no one else!

The Ranking System Goes By Every Game You’ve Ever Played…

Some claim that the ranking system goes by every game you’ve ever played. In quitter’s-speak that means that the ranking system cannot be trusted because we don’t know how many games it’s basing it on.

What complete nonsense! The ranking system is something newly implemented. It CANNOT go by games played prior because there was no system in place to record the completions. Also, we have to understand that the ranking system is not designed to tell you exactly how many games were completed. That’s why a range is given.

It gives a rough outline of how many games completed by percentage so that you can make a decision on whether to play a particular person or not. It goes by the most recent games which is why you can lower your rank quickly if you quit over ten times.

My Rank Changes in the Lobby

Some say that their rank changes in the lobby, therefore the ranking system cannot be trusted.

Your rank does not change, your smiley position does depending on what color game you join or depends on your rank when you created it.

If you are pink and you join a green, the smiley order will be green, then pink. But if you join a blue, then the rank is pink then blue while the creator’s name stays in tact. You have switched smiley positions with the blue but your rank has not changed. I’m not saying this happens in all cases but in most. And I say this because I’ve only seen the ranks stay in the correct order once. All of the other times the ranks have changed if the creator was not a green.

The Chat Box Means Nothing

Not so. In fact the chat box is tied directly into the rating system. The actual scripted chats mean nothing but the game plays do. When you quit a game, it shows up in the chat box as “so-and-so Left the Game.” It attributes an action to a person. It’s not some willy nilly script that pops up. There’s a reason for it. When an action is taken, it is documented. When you roll a 6, it’s documented. When you land on a minigame, it’s documented. And when you leave the game, it’s documented. And the number of times you leave the game will determine your rating.

In the Lobby

Some say that when people leave the lobby, that it lowers their rating. First of all no one can affect your rating but you and second, the game doesn’t officially start until all players are on the board. People can come and go as they please in the lobby.

Rank Lowered From Not Playing

Some say their rank got lowered from not playing games. This is ridiculous and just not true. In order for the ranking system to register something, something has to be registered first. Something NOT registering will not register. This is an error in logic!

Blame the Glitches

If it’s a REAL glitch, no one’s rank will be affected. A real glitch is when both players are affected, or frozen, or get booted out. You would have to refresh and start all over again. And when this happens, the chat box is empty. There is no history. But if a person claims that the game glitched, yet you see in the chat box that they left the game, then they quit, pure and simple!

I hope this helps to clear up some of the misconceptions about the ranking system.

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