davids_gurl2225 – Key Quest Quitter

Thank you, submitter, for these awesome shots! While these don’t have time stamps on them to verify that it’s the same game, there are other factors involved to determine that these shots were not falsified.

1) The submitter had all of their keys.
2) The submitter was one square away from home to win.
3) The chat box says the game was “cancelled” and davids_gurl2225 “left the game.”
4) The second screen shot shows davids_gurl2225 creating another game immediately after the game, which makes it more unlikely that it was due to computer failure.
5) Davids_gurl2225 is ranked “Not Bad.” That means that only 65%-74% of the time, she finishes the game which IS bad!
6) The chat box in the second shot matches the first chat box which means davids_gurl2225’s computer was working just fine immediately after she quit.

The submitter said they tried to contact her but was not able due to NM settings. Then the submitter tried to join her game but davids_gurl2225 refused to play them and left. So if you consider everything, I have no doubt that this person quit the game. Great job submitter! Keep em’ coming!

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