taezalyn_anea – Key Quest Quitter

Now this is what I call ‘thorough!’ The submitter submitted four screen shots showing the progression of the game, leaving no room for speculation! Taezalyn_anea, you messed with the wrong player!!! lol

Notice the score – the submitter has 220 and taezalyn_anea has 0. Also notice the time stamp in the upper right corner.

Again, look at the time stamp and notice the keys. The submitter has all of their keys while taezalyn_anea has only 3. Also note that there’s nothing apparently “glitchy” with the game.

Notice the time stamp. Immediately after the game stopped, I mean within the SAME minute, taezalyn_anea quit. Verify the time stamp, keys and powerups.

Taezalyn_anea was NM’d and asked “what happened?” (notice this is not accusatory, it’s simply a question) There was no response.

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