arwarren302 – Key Quest Quitter

This game is quite interesting. We don’t usually post screen shots unless it’s near the end of the game and it’s obvious that the person was about to win. But in this case, the submitter submitted another screen shot afterwards – showing that arwarren302 created another game immediately after they quit. Let’s look at the whole picture….the submitter’s first turn, they land on their alignment, get a Super Catapult, gets to roll again and picks up Grabby Hands. Their next turn, rolls again, gets two keys, picks up Portal and lands on alignment again but did not accept the Dung. arwarren201’s turn – rolls and lands on a minigame, Spyder Scare, and gets frozen and of course is losing tremendously. And this is when the game ends.

Immediately afterwards, the submitter went back to the lobby and saw that arwarren302 created another game and took another screen shot. As you will see, their color is “Green” which means “Top Notch” but even the green’s can quit up to 10% without it registering. So arwarren302 was neomailed and they said that their “connection reset” and apologized. So why did we put this up? Because we don’t buy it! The screen shots between the quit and the lobby are 1 minute apart. And actually, I’m told it wasn’t a full 60 seconds – they went back immediately and arwarren302 was there. And those of you who are gullible and believe every tale you hear, then feel free to take a risk and play this person. Hopefully you’ll have better luck than the submitter did.

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