poppyandchristian – Key Quest Quitter

The submitter said that poppyandchristian played poorly – bypassing keys and lost every minigame. The game “ended abnormally” after the submitter got their last red key. She was NM’d and she said that her “internet stopped.” Sorry poppyandchristian but we don’t believe you.

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4 Responses to poppyandchristian – Key Quest Quitter


    Get a LIFE, MISSY!!!!!

    • Thank you for your response. And my response to you is to teach poppyandchristian the difference between right and wrong. That it is against TNT’s rules to quit or cheat. That it is, in effect, stealing from the other person when they are prevented from winning and claiming their rightful prize. I DO have a life but one part of it is exposing people who prey on other people for their own personal gain.

    • Maeve says:

      Hurts when there are unpleasant consequences for selfish behavior, doesn’t it? I know you wouldn’t want anyone to rob your kids of their neopoints and prizes, so why would you defend Poppy and Christian when they do the same to other players?

  2. One more thing…I don’t know if you meant “Missy” to be a generic expression of a person’s name or if you meant my name but that’s not my name. Sorry! 🙂

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