Submitting Screen Shots for Key Quest Quitters…

This is a reminder…if you submit screen shots, please include the screen that says the game “ended abnormally.” I cannot post just the first shot because that doesn’t prove anything. The reason why we require both screens, at the beginning and at the end, is to prove that the shots are not falsified. How?

Time Stamp. A game can last from a few minutes up to 20 minutes and maybe longer. If there is a screen shot that’s hours apart, then we know it isn’t the same game. The “ended abnormally” screen does not show any user’s name and so it could be a different person from a different game. So please make sure that the time stamp is in BOTH shots.

Board Verification. The screen shots verify whether it’s the same board or not. It would look pretty suspicious if shot #1 is Ti-Key and the last shot is Neopia Central.

Establishing a Motive. 99% of the games end when the other person is going to win. These screen shots reflect this in that they have all of their keys, or are on their way to get the last one before they go home. We do not believe that your battery died, your cat unplugged your chord, someone knocked at the door, you had to go to the bathroom, or __________________________________ (insert lame excuse here) because we’ve heard them all. And the other 1% is because the game actually does glitch where it knocks out BOTH players at VARIOUS times during the game.

Also, there are some of you who send me emails with the names of people who quit on you but again, I cannot use them without screen shots. While we abhor cheating in any way, we also try to be fair. We simply cannot take your word for it.

Remember, your identity will be confidential, (that is, the honest Neopian who is reporting this) by using stickers to cover up your name and desktop items. You can do this yourself or you could just send them to and we’ll clean them up for you.

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