Key Quest Gets a Rating System!

By now I’m sure all Key Quest playing Neopians know about the new rating system which I think is awesome! Of course it’s not foolproof. We cannot see the rating of the person who joins our game but we can choose the games we join and this new rating system helps us honest players to pick wisely.
So while this doesn’t stop the quitters from quitting, this does put a kink in their chain because if they create a game, NO ONE WILL PLAY THEM!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The only way these swindlers can hope to play is join another person’s game. Below are some screen shots of what I’m talking about…

Notice the pattern? The pinks and purples look so lonely while the greens and sometimes the blues don’t. The only way the quitters can play, for the most part, is if they join a game. They have to sneak and join a game in order to play! It’s too funny!

Tip: Sometimes this works…if you create a game and someone joins, while you’re still in the lobby, exit out and see what color their rank is and if it’s a rank you’d like to play, then join their game. Usually you can get back in if you’re fast enough. I’ve avoided quite a few quitters this way.

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