chocolate_candy_yahh – Key Quest Quitter

This person quit as the other person was winning. This person was politely neomailed and reported.

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3 Responses to chocolate_candy_yahh – Key Quest Quitter

  1. Dur says:

    I think this blog is absolutely horrible and harassment. How do you know whether or not people are quitting deliberately unless they say so? If they say so, you put them up here. If they say they didn’t, you put them up here. If they don’t reply, you STILL put them up here.

    I hope you get a [expletive] little joy out of this bullying blog, cause you know it’s a load of harassing [expletive] and you’re a little [expletive] to have fun with it, especially when you have so many people you go against who are under 13 and CAN’T reply. Shame on you!

    [expletive]=edited by Admin

  2. I’m allowing your comment so I can respond to you.

    You are entitled to your opinion and we’re entitled to ours. I advise you to look up the definition for harassment and hopefully you’ll see that it is YOU that is actually harassing. Anyway, the screen shots show that it’s the same board, same key position, the same date, and the time is within a regular KQ game time frame. There is no way a screen shot could be falsified. As to motive, look at the remaining player’s keys and their position. It’s clear that they were on their way to victory. In fact look at all of the screen shots on this site and you will see that the person left over was clearly on their way to victory.

    We cannot accept that hundreds of people’s computer’s glitch at the exact time of the other person’s would-be victory. To believe this way is to ignore logic and common sense.

    We find that the only people who get upset as you do are numbered amongst the quitters themselves. If so, then be careful about who you play because they might be taking screen shots and sending them here.

  3. Tracy says:

    Well I think its an awesome site. If you don’t quit then you have nothing to be mad about.

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