Fruit Picker

The object of this game is to cut the fruit down into your basket. It’s easy but there are some things to keep in mind….

Tips: Make sure you are putting your fruit in the correct basket. Always check where your basket is located first, then cut.

Gravity is your friend – so cut the fruit directly above your basket. In this picture, you can see how the yellow shears migrated over to the green’s side. In this case, cut down what you can above you, then go to the yellow’s side and take their fruit, then take the remaining fruit on the right.

This is going to be hard to explain because you really need to see a video on this but I’ll try my best. When you get good, you won’t have to drag your fruit completely to the basket. Say you have the basket farthest to the left, it’s a long way to the fruit on the right so rather than dragging all the fruit to your basket, let gravity help you. Throw them gently to your basket while remaining at the top of your screen. You clip it, begin to drag towards your left and before your basket is beneath you, you release the fruit. The momentum of your throw will continue to guide the fruit to the left and hopefully into your basket. The hard part is knowing when to release it. This takes practice. You will not be able to do this immediately unless you’re AAA or a bot of some sort.

Happy chucking!

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