Use Those Portals!

You seasoned players already know this so this is for the newbie. Use those portals!!! Any time you’re near a portal, ask yourself…

1) Will it allow me to land on the treasure? (Note: you must possess at least one key in order to get your prize from the treasure square)
2) Will it make it faster to get home?
3) Will it put me closer to a key I need?

In this case, this person has keys but wants to land on the treasure to get another key plus a prize. If he/she were to roll a six (6), they would get it. (even though there are two portals, it counts as one count) Look at the green Scorchio, behind the green key and follow the pink arrows. The Scorchio is exactly six spaces away from the treasure.

If you had a Virtudice you could do this by rolling a six or a Gummy dice which you could pick the roll you want.

Note: If you portal’d and landed on another portal, and someone or the game reversed your direction, it won’t affect you. But if you were traveling on the board normally and landed on the portal, you could get reversed.

Another Note: If you get reversed by a person or the game, a pocket portal is perfect to use because it nullifies the hex.

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