Spyder Scare

I love this game! You try to collect as many nuts and bolts as you can. The purple orbs allow you to freeze your opponent and the blue ones make you go faster. Be sure to watch your spyder’s eyes to see where his eye lights are pointing because that is the direction he’s going in when you drop him.

Most likely the nuts and bolts will be closest to you when you start so get as many of those as you can. A lot of times when I do this, and my opponent gets the purple orb and freezes me, I still win because I’ve got more points than he does. But don’t neglect the purple orb. Get it when you can but concentrate on getting what’s around you first because in the end, the points determine the winner.

I can’t think of anything diabolical for this game. If you think of something, leave a comment.

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2 Responses to Spyder Scare

  1. hannahmusprime says:

    The hex nuts are worth 4 points, the bolts are worth 3 points, and the square washers are worth 2 points. Each orb will give you 1 point. If possible, try to get all hex nuts before going after the orbs, as it can give you a solid lead.

  2. Thank you Hanna for your comment. It was most helpful 🙂

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