Shenkuu Showers

This is my least favorite game because there’s no skill, speed, or strategy required. You protect your pet pets with your umbrella while avoiding the lightning bolts.

Most of the time, I’ve noticed that there are more than one pet pet that comes from the right side of the screen when the game starts. So to make sure you get that spot, put your cursor over that pet pet on the right corner and when the counter is done, immediately click and your umbrella should be over there. No guarantees that you’ll get more pet pets on the right side, I’m just saying that it’s a pattern I’ve noticed.

If your opponent gets hit with a lightning bolt, their umbrella disintegrates. You can take that opportunity to cover their pet pets if it will get you more points.

Also, do you see that orange orb above the green umbrella? You want that. It doubles your points.

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