This game can be frustrating because there’s no consistency. The game doesn’t behave the same way each time I play it.
Anyway, the idea is to click as many orbs as you can. I don’t know the difference between sparks and orbs so I’m just going to use plain language. The pink thingies are worth more than the green thingies. 🙂 And stay away from the pink volcano at the bottom.

Try not to speed click because all that will do is freeze you up. Click once or twice to get to where you’re going.

I find it faster if I alternate between getting a green orb, then a pink one, then back to green etc. If I try to click a pink orb right after I’ve already got a pink orb, it doesn’t do anything.

I find that it’s faster to get an orb right in front of you than it is to get a further one. So how can we be diabolical with our opponent? By collecting the green orbs around him which will make it harder for him to get around! Slick huh?!? I’ve had it done to me and it renders me useless. So give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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4 Responses to Orbliteration

  1. fruitrach says:

    I think there’s more difference between the pink and green things than that.

    The green ones seem to be “stations” that you can “sit on” and the pink ones are what you’re collecting. You can move between green ones to get closer to the pink ones that you want.

    Every so often one of the craters at the bottom erupts and displaces everything in range.

    Silly game. It’s unreliable.

  2. Sara says:

    Furthermore the “pink thingies” are also unreliable; they do not dissapear once touched but remained frozen in space…confusing the heck out of a player with a slow computer!

  3. hannahmusprime says:

    The pink orbs are worth 100 points, and the green orbs are worth 25 points. Fruitrach is correct in that the green orbs are “stations” that you land on.

    The eruptions have two effects. They replenishes pink orbs, and will also freeze you briefly if you’re right above them when they go off. An effective strategy for this game is to follow right behind the volcano blasts. There is no pattern to what order they will erupt in, but they won’t erupt twice in a row, so if you try to stay right behind the blasts, you will not only stay out of their way, but also be nearer to the new pink orbs which are worth more points. As soon as you see one explode, head in that direction.

    Some of the pink orbs are simply unobtainable. My guess is that this is a glitch, and it seems to be random.

  4. You go Hanna!!! Thank you for the info! 🙂 🙂

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