Flower Frenzy Tips

There’s not much strategy to this game because of the game itself. You just repeat the pattern by clicking on the squares. The rocks around the squares light up red if you make a mistake. But there may be something I can share with you….

No matter what, be the FIRST one to begin clicking!!! Even if that means you click more than once, be the first because if the game ends in a tie, the winner is determined by who clicked first when the game began.

Begin to click immediately after you are shown the pattern because your timer at the bottom stops for as long as you wait.

Some people claim that clicking the very first square continually guarantees a win every time but I have not found this to be true. It just lights up red and causes you to lag so there are no short cuts. Just be fast at your clicking and pay attention.

One more thing, this game is still kind of glitchy. I’ve found that sometimes even if I’m in the lead, the other person still wins but that doesn’t happen often.

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